ADELE-ICATE SITUATION: A Team Takei Digital Short

This ad for Allegiance on Broadway originally aired only once on TV, during a much anticipated Saturday Night Live hosted by Adele shortly after the release of her "Hello" video. The rest of The Social Edge Team tackled the production elements on this project, I worked with editor Eric Ingram to match the tint of the original music video and to perfect the titles and sound effects so as to create the illusion that this was a part of SNL, and not an ad. According to Vanity Faire: "Also getting in on the Adele tip? George Takei. The outspoken and meme-friendly actor, who spent the week [battling back against refugee-related xenophobia, appeared in an advertisement for his Broadway musical Allegiance. The ad was cut to appear like an SNL digital short, complete with canned laughter and applause at the end. And just like SNL, Takei turned to Adele for comedy. The ad managed to fool quite a few people into thinking that it was a real-deal SNL sketch, so kudos to George Takei and the Allegiance team for the year’s best guerrilla advertising."

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